Our fascination with photography started at a very young age. Taking photographs just for fun with a basic compact camera soon resulted in an upgrade to our first D-RC from SIGMA. By the ages of 13 & 15, SIGMA had promoted us to be Reference Photographers with them. Encouraged by early successes, our little hobby soon turned into a quite professional passion.  Potential image brokers became aware of our talents, and our first professional partnerships with some of the leading agencies were born.

These partnerships then became rather successful. We can point out publications with some of the well-known international periodicals such as National Geographic Society, World Wildlife Fund and Reader’s Digest, to name a few. Having reached professional standards in photography, we strive to produce photographs that reflect our enthusiasm and passion for nature through the use of high-end technologies from NIKON/NIKKOR. In 2010 our photographs of an otter, entitled “Controversy in the Reeds”, became Junior Highlight with the internationally accredited “Glanzlicher-Foto-Contest”. With the launch of our new website, you too will now be able to participate in our joy and successes.

Please join us and immerse yourself in our selection of over 60,000 images. Lean back and release yourself from the stresses of everyday life. Revel in this feast for your eyes and soul, and be carried off by the beauty of nature we have created for you in pixels.

You don’t have the time or the patience to sort through as many photographs as this in order to find your areas of particular interest? Never mind – let’s talk. We will do the legwork for you and narrow down the choices to what you prefer…….the photograph of your desire from our archive, or an image, that will especially be produced to exactly meet your individual requests, ideas and requirements.

David & Micha Sheldon

(passionate photographers)